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Tourism in Bulgaria

History and beautiful natural resources, the opportunities for tourism in Bulgaria are really huge. The country has enjoyed significant growth in revenues from international tourism in the last decade, but despite its diversity, popular beach destinations and ski resorts remain the primary goal. Actually there are opportunities for development of cultural, historical, spa and ecotourism. Despite the wealth of tourist assets such as spas, beautiful scenery and archaeological sites, there are still options for development of Bulgarian tourism.

The main tourist attractions in Bulgaria can be grouped as follows:

Black Sea Resorts
380 km coastline, including beaches and mineral springs. Namely along the coast are some of the most popular resorts, holiday villages and campsites in Bulgaria.

Winter sports
In the winter foreign tourists visit mainly Borovets, Bansko, Pamporovo and Aleko - the main resorts for winter sports.

Bulgaria is increasingly becoming a preferred spa destination. The advantages of this type of tourism are in year-round operation. The country has 600 natural mineral springs, some of which are known and used even in antiquity.

Historical tourism
Historical tourism in Bulgaria has great potential - these lands are home to many ancient civilizations. The discovery of new archaeological finds of global significance, and the presence of the oldest gold treasure, are attracting more tourists.

Overall, our country has the opportunity to develop many forms of tourism. The combination of ancient history and incredibly beautiful nature is a magnet for many tourists from Scandinavian countries and all over the world. Sunny summer days, the ancient culture and hospitable Bulgarians are awaiting you. We at Erma Dental are hoping to be your guides in this wonderful journey.


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