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Price list

1. Dental examination – status consultation and treatment plan
2. Therapeutic dentistry
  - glass-ionomer obturations

       - with one surface
       - with two surfaces
       - with three surfaces

  - photopolymer obturations
       - with one surface
       - with two surfaces
       - with three surfaces

  - treatment of root canals
       - single-root
       - multi-root

40 EUR
50 EUR
60 EUR

40 EUR
50 EUR
60 EUR

80 EUR
180 EUR
3. Anesthesia – local
15 EUR
4. Surgical dentistry
  - extraction of single-root tooth
  - extraction of multi-root tooth
  - surgical extraction
50 EUR
80 EUR
160 EUR
5. Orthopedic dentistry
  - metal-ceramic crown
  - all-porcelain crown
  - porcelain facet
  - plate prosthesis
  - cast metal prosthesis

180 EUR
220 EUR
240 EUR
250 EUR
450 EUR
6. Periodontology
  - tartar removal
  - periodontal surgery
  - bonding
45 EUR
65 EUR
50 EUR
7.Dental bleaching by Zoom
150 EUR
8. Implantology
  - placing an implant
  - implant with crown
800 EUR
1040 EUR
On your first visit to dental center Erma Dental you will receive a free dental examination and thereafter you will be have an individual plan for your dental treatments drawn up. You will also be given more accurate information about the duration of your treatment and the final price you will have to pay. Our team is ready to explain all the details the treatment process will go through and to give you explanations about all options you will have in your individual case.
Free transport is provided for patients, staying in Albena, Balchik, Kranevo or in the vicinity of Golden Sands that will take you to our dentist.
Contact us now and take advantage of the low prices of dental treatment in Bulgaria!


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