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Dental Tourism

Your dental holiday in Bulgaria
Dental tourism or dental travel is a combination of the vacation at a tourist site and the conduct of specialized dental treatment. The very name suggests that the focus here falls on the treatment of teeth. Over the past years, Bulgaria has become more and more attractive destination for this type of tourism, thanks to the highly qualified doctors of dental medicine, the high-end equipment, the modern tourist bases, the incredible natural beauty, warm weather during the summer and the low prices for dental services. Many foreigners successfully take advantage of the opportunities for dental tourism in Bulgaria by combining receiving first-class dental treatment and unforgettable vacation amidst the marvelous nature of the country.

Bulgaria has had a reputation of a great tourist destination among tourists from all over the world for decades. The Black Sea coast, the Bulgarian sun, the endless sand stripes and the rich cultural and historical heritage attract fans of the summer emotions from all over the world. Palaces and churches, ruins of ancient fortresses, past and present blend in our land to remind you that there have been settlements of impetuous life for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Bulgaria is a country with long traditions in the development of both sea and mountain tourism, and in recent years in the country has successfully developed modern forms of tourism, too - cultural tourism, balneal tourism, SPA and wellness tourism, sacral tourism (visit of important religious sites) and last but not least, dental tourism.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a preferred place for rest of evermore tourists from across Europe. It offers perfect conditions – favorable climate, many sunny days during the summer season, a variety of resorts that are able to compete with the famous European resorts, and many other preconditions for an unforgettable dental recreation in Bulgaria.
It is important to note that the beaches are oriented to the east – a disposal only a few European beaches have. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is very diverse and beautiful with wide beaches, covered with pure and fine sand and with shallow coastal waters. There are no big fluctuations in the temperature of the air and the water, high moisture levels are missing, and the climate is distinguished with lightweight and pleasant winds. From May to October the air temperature usually varies between +20 ºC and +33 ºC, and the temperature of the water remains about +22 ºC.
Why should you trust Erma Dental?

It is not enough simply to search for a dentist in Bulgaria, dental implants, veneers and crowns placing or teeth bleaching. At Erma Dental, our specialists are highly qualified and they carry out the dental services quickly, professionally and at extremely low prices in comparison with other countries in Europe. Our dental offices are located in the central part of the city of Varna and the resort complex Golden Sands, which facilitates our patients and it is not necessary for them to drive large distances and to lose precious time from their vacation and dental treatment. Each dentist commands new and modern equipment and furniture that complies with the latest medical requirements in Bulgaria, Europe and the US. All materials and products with which we work are proven and strongly recommended by dentistry specialists around the world. With us, there is no language barrier, as we freely communicate in different languages. Conversations between the dentist and the patient in English, Norwegian, Russian or German can often be heard in one of our two offices. Over the past years we have enjoyed an increased interest and visits by tourists from different nationalities – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Russia, Germany and almost all the countries of the EU, which remain fascinated by our professional care and with joy keep returning to us again. This is a result of our long-term friendship with the teams of the tourist company Thomas Cook Scandinavia and their representatives from Ving Norway, Ving Sweden and Spies Denmark, who are fascinated by our friendly and professional attitude toward their guests visiting Bulgaria.
Golden Sands and Varna - the perfect destination for dental tourism in Bulgaria!

Golden Sands and Varna are great places where you can spend an incredible dental vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

dental holiday in Varna, BulgariaThe town of Varna is located in the bay of Varna about 470 km to the east of the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and also known as the sea capital of the country. It is situated amphitheatrically, following the curves and slopes of Varna bay. The city is a big cultural and tourist center, and evidence of this is the election of Varna for the European Youth capital of 2017. Many memories and the remains of the historical and cultural heritage can be seen even today in the numerous museums, which are scattered across town. The most popular among them are the Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, and the Natural Science Museum. The town offers an exceptional variety of opportunities and places for rest, entertainment and shopping. One of the favorite attractions of both guests and children from Varna is the Dolphinarium. It holds regular live dolphin shows, which will leave memories for a lifetime. Varna also offers all types of transport. The fastest way to access the town is by airplane. Varna Airport works throughout the year and more than 55 Bulgarian and international airline companies benefit from its services, by offering regular as well as charter flights.

dental holiday in bulgaria, golden sandsGolden Sands is one of the most beautiful resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Located in a picturesque and ecologically clean bay in the northern part of the Black Sea coast, the resort Golden Sands is only 13km away from the city of Varna. The spacious beach of fine golden sand, the fresh sea air and shallow coastal seabed are reserved sign of this marvelous place. Everything is taken care of here – both complete recreation and emotional experiences. The resort offers a full range of summer entertainment. Beach volleyball, jet driving, motor boat rides, skydiving, extreme experiences with inflatable and water attractions. The length of the beach in the resort is 3.5 km, which at places reaches 100 m in width and is famous as one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. Numerous hotels are located In Golden Sands, built by European standards and offering all types of facilities – for recreation and for different types of entertainment. They give the resort a picturesque architectural image. The nightlife is equally active as it is during the day. There are entertainment and amusement options for vacationers of all ages – from luxurious and modern night bars, pubs and clubs, over large casinos to attractive outdoor discos on the beach. Everything is subjected to making the stay of the tourists a pleasant and unforgettable one. The combination of all these things makes Golden Sands one of the most appropriate places for dental tourism.

hotel erma golden sandsIf you choose to book your vacation in Golden Sands, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the wonderful conditions of Erma Hotel. In this hotel, you can find all the facilities that will predispose you to have a complete rest and make some unforgettable memories. The hotel is located in the central part of the resort, in immediate proximity to the beach. The guests can enjoy their stay, by taking advantage of the two swimming pools of the hotel, with bars around them, a sophisticated restaurant with open terrace and view to the sea, sky bar and lobby bar, and the hospitable and pleasant staff contributes to the good mood at any given place. For families with children, the hotel offers wonderful places to play with many exciting and amusing games.
Prices and booking

Our dental office is located in the hotel itself. You can even use our website to book your room or apartment at Erma Hotel, to view the opportunities for your leisure time and to get valuable advice for your stay in Bulgaria. If, however, you decide to select another hotel in Golden Sands, Albena, Kranevo or elsewhere, this is not an obstacle to the visit of our dental center. If you have a problem and cannot find us, contact us or ask at the reception desk of Erma Hotel about the dental office. We are ready to support you during your entire stay in Bulgaria, not only with your dental care, but also with valuable tips and tricks about everything you need to feel more comfortable and in excellent mood.

If you are looking for an opportunity for dental treatment abroad (outside your country) and you want to combine it with pleasant moments of a summer holiday, we welcome you as our patients. Never before has the Black Sea been more hospitable and you have the unique opportunity to attend to your teeth, while also enjoying the sea.

Contact us now (by phone, by email or through the contact form on our website) and we will help you organize your dental vacation.
Together we have a common goal - your unique smile!


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