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How should we take care of our teeth?

Healthy teeth and gums are not an exterior indication of the oral hygiene. They are the result of the care, which we exert for our dental health. However, there are numerous problems that may affect our oral health, and therefore taking preventive measures is mandatory. Here are some of Erma Dental’s advice about taking care of your teeth:

Dental caries

Teeth are covered with solid, external coating that we all know as enamel. Every day, thin film of bacteria called dental plaque accumulates upon them. Bacteria produces acids in the plaque, which may begin to impair the integrity of the enamel. In the course of time, acids may cause a hole in the enamel and form a cavity in the tooth. The toothbrush can prevent teeth from rotting, once a cavity has formed, a dentist must treat it. Its packing can be a long and uneasy process.

You can protect your teeth from dental caries using a toothpaste with a specific quantity of fluorine. If you are exposed to a higher risk for dental caries (e.g., if you are experiencing dryness in your mouth because of particular medicaments you take), it may be necessary to use more intensely saturated fluoride in terms of quantity. However, its size is not determined at random and it is mandatory to visit your dentist. The examination will give clarity about the state of your teeth, and you will be informed what care is necessary to deal with the problem. At Erma Dental, our specialists carry out examinations with the most modern dental technology.

Gum diseases

Gum disease begins when there are problems under the gum line and plaque starts appearing there. The plaque causes infections that damage the gum and the bone holding the teeth on the spot. Sometimes periodontitis makes gums much more easily susceptible to hurt and the likelihood that they start bleeding becomes even bigger. Diagnosing this problem, called gingivitis is easy, but you still need to visit your dentist.
A dentist must also treat the more severe form of the gum diseases, called periodontitis. If not treated, the infection can ruin the bones and the adjacent tissues that support the teeth. In the course of time, the teeth may need to be removed.

To prevent the disease of the gums, follow the advice of the Erma Dental:

- Wash your teeth twice a day toothpaste, if possible - with soft bristle brush.
- Dental floss must be used once daily.
- Visit your dentist regularly for examination and cleaning.
- Eat well-balanced food and observe the seasonal diet.
- Smoking increases the risk of gum diseases! Determine whether you want to risk their health unnecessarily.

Cleaning the teeth and the gums

There is one correct way to brush your teeth and it is advisable to do it every day:
- Gently brush your teeth on all sides with the soft bristle brush and a toothpaste;
- Use small circular movements back and forth;
- Take the time to brush carefully and gently the gum line;
- Keep your mouth clean.
Use an electric rechargeable toothbrush. Largely, it can replace the dentist’s work, namely because of the huge number of its head’s spinning cycles and thus - much more efficient cleaning.

In order not to overdo with our advice, we invite you straight away to visit us in one of our offices in Golden Sands resort or in Varna.

Erma Dental will bring you the dazzling smile, of which you have always dreamed.

Cleaning the teeth


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